Stoma Center takes pride both in the expertise of the medical staff and in the plethora of medical equipment that covers the whole spectrum of dental care.

Dental Implants

Nowadays more and more patients are seeking in dental implants a more stable and permanent dental restoration.

Pediatric Dentistry

In our practice we pay close attention to kid’s dental care approach, with the dental treatment being conducted


The use of the microscope, the digital X-rays and the high-resolution apex locators, available in our premises,

A glowing smile is everyone’s right!

Dental Services

Our dental practice covers a whole series of dental care, with the most hi-tech equipment, especially in the following procedures::


Once in six months for a regular check-up.

The recommended age for a child’s first visit to the dentist is around three! During the first contact we provide a thorough check-up while gaining the trust of the child that gets familiar with the dentist within a kid-friendly environment. Our special treatment includes:

  • Preventative care and advice about clinic and diet recommendations
  • Counseling for habits like pacifier use and thumb sucking
  • Early assessment and treatment for straightening teeth
  • Correcting improper bite
  • Nutritional counseling

With proper care, implants are lifelong!

There is no age limit for brackets. And remember : every one of us is entitled to a bright smile!