The following pictures show the patients’ dentition before and after treatment, with the aid of implants, zirconia and bleaching!

Installation of monolithic restorations
at 11-12

Central section extraction implant placement
and three-tooth bridge placement 11-23

Aesthetic restoration of the upper jaw with zirconia

Rehabilitation with implants

Total rehabilitation with implants

Endodontic treatments

Correction of distortion by placement of zirconia

Aesthetic belt correction with zirconia placement

Installation of zirconium

Upper jaw restoration with implants

All-ceramic look


Bleaching in the doctor’s office

Bleaching at home

Slope shape correction with bonding

Bonding correction

Upper and lower jaw restoration with zirconia

Restoration of anterior teeth with zirconia

Restoration with zirconia

Aesthetic interventions in the aesthetic zone with resin faces within an hour

Sparse dentistry correction with bonding in one session

Correction of distortion by bonding in one session

Restoration of the oral cavity with metal-ceramic restorations

Restoration of anterior teeth with monolithic restorations

Corrections in the aesthetic zone with bonding

Placement of zirconium on the front teeth

Gum health is essential for a wonderful smile!